Refurbished Agas and Rayburns


If your existing Aga or Rayburn is looking a bit tired and could do with a revamp, why not have it refurbished? By paying close attention to the refurbishment of all the components of your Aga or Rayburn and providing the highest level of finish, your appliance could be indistinguishable from a brand new range cooker.

We dismantle the cookers, rebuild and then re-enamel to your preferred colour. All jobs are priced on an individual basis, depending on amount of work required.

Buying a refurbished Aga or Rayburn

If you are looking to purchase an Aga or Rayburn, why not consider a refurbished model? RayburnThey can look just as good as a new one and can be up to half the price. We have a number of refurbished Agas and Rayburns available for sale.

To find out more, please contact Tom on 07817 512954.